Randsom was born in Paris, a city were elegance is evoked by a natural attitude. The brand promotes this Parisian spirit in its men's ready to wear collections that are made up of essential, easy pieces for everyday wear. Randsom's T-shirts, polo shirts and sweatshirts combine luxury, simplicity and comfort in timeless pieces that can effortlessly mix with chic-or relaxed-outfits.

Randsom's obsession: quality. Its linen, cotton and cashmere fabrics fabrics are carefully chosen with a special focus on Pima cotton, a soft, extremely comfortable Peruvian fiber. The brand entrusts its production to European manufacturers known for their top notch skills. Each garment benefits from delicate washing and dyeing techniques that result in one-of- a-kind colors.

Though the company currently focuses on men's clothing, Randsom plans to extend its universe into the decoration world. The Brand's creator, Jacques-Laurent Tarica, hopes to create a true, multi faceted Randsom lifestyle.

Jacques Laurent Tarica has been aware of fashion since he was a child. After studying marketing in the United States, he joined the family's Teenflo brand and learned about the business first-hand. Two years ago, he and his sister created a small collection of women's garments for the Pearl boutique in the 16th arrondissement. This gave him the idea of Randsom. He realized that the men's ready to wear market lacked new players who were skilled at combining elegance with relaxed air.